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Auteur Theory

Sep 25, 2018

So, we somehow survived Season 1 and our sticky exploration of the world of David Cronenberg. But what's next for Auteur Theory?

Well, before we get things off and running again, Nick pressured Chris into participating in one of those dumb Facebook trending bullshits where he had to put together a list of his 10 favorite films in 10 days. And Chris being Chris, he came up with a grab-bag of weird shit that then had to be addressed in podcast form. So here's that.

We're also announcing our second season. In the coming weeks, we'll be looking at the films of Sofia Coppola. So you can expect some returning friends of the show as well as some new friends as we completely switch gears and explore Coppola's unique take on the formative early-2000s independent film scene - and beyond - that turned so many of us into the cinephiles we are today.