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Auteur Theory

May 15, 2018

Sex. Car crashes. More sex. Broken glass. Still more sex. Twisted metal. Sex. Based on this very accurate and apt description, you can pretty much decide if you're gonna love or hate this one.

It's David Cronenberg's controversial 1996 psycho-sexual drama Crash (and, no, not the shitty 2004 racism-is-bad-mmkay...

May 8, 2018

On this week's show, Nick and Chris take a look at one of David Cronenberg's strangest films. Strange, relative to Cronenberg, that is - this movie has nary a bursting cocoon, involuntary surgery, or phantasmagoric stomach-vagina in sight! It's the 1993 period-piece romantic drama M. Butterfly.

We join Jeremy Irons in...

May 5, 2018

Auteur Theory is back with a special Bonus episode, as we take a particularly deep dive into the work of director David Cronenberg. Chris is joined by film critic and author Hal C.F. Astell for an in-depth look at Cronenberg's college experimental films Stereo (1969) and Crimes of the Future (1970).

These early...