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Auteur Theory

Jun 27, 2018

We here at Auteur Theory hope you're having a wonderful week and in great spirits. But if you'd like to change that, how about a trip to the grayest of England's gray, crumbling streets with a mumbling, mentally-broken Ralph Fiennes as your guide? It's David Cronenberg's 2002 downer psycho-drama Spider.

Nick ad Chris...

Jun 21, 2018

After a decade of dabbling with high-brow psycho-dramas, David Cronenberg is back in the straight-up body-horror game, and now Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jude Law are on the run. It's Cronenberg's mind-bending 1999 virtual reality sci-fi thriller eXistenZ.

Nick and Chris are joined once again by Perla Caballero to revisit...