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Auteur Theory

Jan 1, 2020

From the imagination of George Lucas, a boy with a thirst for adventure must leave his humble home on an epic quest - aided by a charming outlaw, a princess, and a wise old wizard - to master a magical power in order to defeat an evil dark sorcerer. Are there lightsabers, spaceships, and robots? No. But this one has a tiny Kevin Pollack and someone gets turned into a duck at one point!

It's the 1988 fantasy adventure epic Willow. Lucas leaves behind a galaxy far, far away for a world of castles and dragons - and brings Ron Howard into the director's chair hoping to create the next great Hollywood franchise. That didn't happen. But in the over 30 years since, it has developed a devoted cult following. 

Nick and Chris are joined by Cecil Laird of The Horror Show to see if this overlooked epic can still muster up some magic.