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Auteur Theory

Apr 3, 2018

When two pre-teens named Hallie and Annie meet through their summer camp, their two lives are rattled when they realize that they are identical twins. With parents, British mother aka famous dress designer Elizabeth and American father, a wine maker named Nick, living in two different sides of the universe, the girls decide to make an identity swap in hopes of spending time with their other parent. The girls later choose to aware their guardians of the swap while at a hotel in NYC, which late reunites the divorced pair and sends them back into remarriage with each other.

I might be getting some details wrong here, as I seem to remember in David Cronenberg's dark 1988 psycho-drama Dead Ringers, both plucky pre-teen girls on a mission to reunite their wayward parents were played by Jeremy Irons. I also seem to remember something about custom medical instruments designed for operating on mutant women, blood-red gynecological surgical gowns, and a sex scene involving medical tubing. I might be getting two different movies mixed up.

Anyway, this week, Nick and Chris are talking David Cronenberg's Dead Ringers. I don't remember if it's the Hayley Mills or Lindsay Lohan version.