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Auteur Theory

Mar 29, 2018

This week we're covering one of the big ones. A remake of the 1958 B-movie sci-fi sort-of-classic that, in any other hands could have been just as cheesy as the original. But in the hands of David Cronenberg, it transforms into something else.
Both a milestone of gross-out gore and shocking creature effects, and a touching, tragic love story about a quirky mad scientist and the journalist who tries to love him despite the... changes he's going through. It's Cronenberg's 1986 sci-fi/horror chamber drama hit The Fly.
This was a lot of people's first foray into the twisted world of Cronenberg, especially if discovered on late-night cable as a child. Nick and Chris are joined by podcasters Heidi Schilling (A Schilling for Your Thoughts, Campfire Curmudgeon) and Derk Harron (Slash Page, Here Comes the Pitch) to revisit Seth Brundle's laboratory to find out if it deserves its revered mantle atop the VHS video store horror section shelves.