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Auteur Theory

Mar 20, 2018

This week, we watch David Cronenberg accept his mantle as a Master a Horror as he teams up with another titan of the genre, Stephen King. It's the chilly, melancholic gift vs. curse 1983 horror/sci-fi melodrama 'The Dead Zone'.

This week also sees Nick and Chris teaming up with another horror podcast stalwart, Jaime En Fuego, resident Stephen King aficionado and host of the Hail to Stephen King and The Horror Show podcasts.

See Christopher Walken thrust into weirdo territory by a horrible twist of Fate, then never look back! But what vision does he see when he grabs the hand of this cinematic concoction - a modern classic? or a disaster only a power-mad Martin Sheen could inflict on the world? Tune in to find out.