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Auteur Theory

Apr 13, 2018

Over the course of this season so far, David Cronenberg has brought us parasitic worms that beget sex-crazed mania, exploding-head hunting psychics, gun-eating stomach vaginas, inside-out baboons, and questionable medical professionals with a taste for the needle.

If you've ever read William S. Burroughs' 1959 surrealist literary masterpiece Naked Lunch, you know it's completely unfilmable... until you take a look at the above resume.

Burroughs. Cronenberg. Mugwumps. If you have a taste for the absurdly bizarre and the hilariously nightmarish, this is a lunch date you don't want to miss. But fair warning: the Black Meat of the giant South American aquatic black centipede may be on the menu. Also, RoboCop and Judy Davis are there.  

Exterminate all rational thought and join Nick and Chris as they take the plunge into Interzone, where nothing is true and everything is permitted. It's David Cronenberg's 1991 mind-fuck Naked Lunch.