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Auteur Theory

Feb 7, 2018

Welcome to Auteur Theory for our inaugural first episode of our first season, where hosts Nick and Chris will explore the films of Canada's own Master of sublime cinematic depravity, David Cronenberg. We're starting things off with Cronenberg's first theatrical release as a director, Shivers from 1975. Also known as They Came from Within to U.S. audiences, and from an original screenplay titled Orgy of the Blood Parasites both perfectly apt descriptions of this B horror schlockfest that finds a parasitic creature created by mad science turn the denizens of a state of the art luxury apartment complex into bloodthirsty, sex crazed maniacs. Both a treat for fans of 70s B horror cheese and sleaze, and an important landmark of Canadian cinema. Cronenberg arrives fully forged with the grotesque obsessions that will define his cinematic career for decades to come. Join Nick and Chris as we start at the very beginning.