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Auteur Theory

Sep 19, 2018

So we've come to the end of our cinematic journey through the world and warped mind of director David Cronenberg. Needless to say, we've seen some things. There were growths. There were fluids. There was genitalia growing out of places where there shouldn't be. But as we end our first season, it's time to take one last trip through the most absurdly bizarre and corruptly depraved places of all... Hollywood!!!

It's David Cronenberg's 2014 dark show business satire Maps to the Stars. It doesn't matter if you're a deranged A-lister Julianne Moore, a hipster self-help guru John Cusack, or a disfigured, disturbed debutante Mia Wasikowska; all is not right in the state of Tinseltown. Join Nick and Chris for one last trip down Cronenberg Blvd., and stay tuned for news of what's next for Auteur Theory.